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TwengaBot-Discover and why should I let it crawl my site?

TwengaBot-Discover is an automated web crawler, similar to GoogleBot from Google. TwengaBot-Discover searches the web to identify online shops, to possibly add them to the Twenga index ( It only takes a few hours for enough data to be collected. is a next generation shopping search engine, giving users extensive choice and unbiased opinions. The site is fuelled by the largest product database online, containing the information collected by the TwengaBot-Discover!

Our site helps our users to find the products they are looking for, and gives high visibility to relevant products from all web retailers. It’s free of charge and customer oriented, so there is everything to be gained from being crawled by TwengaBot-Discover!

Need more information?

If you have any questions or suggestions, or don't see the interest in TwengaBot visiting your site, please let us know by contacting Twenga in your country